Features included in our inductions ... 
An induction is a method of training staff not only in work place orientation and the particular safety aspects of a workplace, but also in the expectations that you have as their employer.

Therefore an induction is a key training tool that, if well delivered, will pay dividends in the knowledge levels of staff arriving to your workplace.

Fully Responsive with Bespoke Customisation

Our multi-faceted approach using audio visual presentations with interactive elements and quizzes go far beyond simple presentations and will engage staff, improving their workplace knowledge and orientation while minimising the time spent by senior staff training newcomers. 

We will collaborate with you to design, plan and deliver the desired content incorporating your company branding, logos & colours

Interactive & Adaptable

The interactivity of our induction format engages & maintains the focus of a new employee in a way that, for instance, a Power point presentation cannot. 

Multi-format quizzes ensure that the induction & training process is fun, easy and reaffirms the knowledge gained. 

In addition to this Online induction & training allows the new employee to complete the Induction in stages & on a variety of devices before they start work. We will collaborate with you to design, plan and deliver the desired content that will:

• Give a feeling of empowerment & achievement.
• Assist in holding the users attention.
• Improve & reaffirm knowledge.
• Can be targeted to increase knowledge in specific areas.
• Involve employee in the process of orientation.

Cost Effective

By adopting online Induction or training for your Company or site you negate the need for senior staff to induct new employees, this ensures the training process is most efficient & cost effective. 

New employees arrive ready, prepared and fully informed on their first day, allowing them to make a contribution immediately. Time is a precious commodity, demands on staff time and the efficient use of same is a crucial consideration for every Industry.
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