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Inductions Online

Every workplace is different and has a unique set of challenges. Our inductions are client customised, working with you we will create effective inductions that carry the essential points to staff. 

Usually, there is a need for a general induction that covers the basic work place orientation, rules and safety requirements. Thereafter we develop job specific training to focus on a work area in a more concentrated manner. This system allows for in depth training to be delivered where it is required.


Help to meet your Occupational Safety & Health training obligations using online inductions and training sessions that will deliver a comprehensive & thorough understanding of Safety, Health & Welfare rules in your Workplace. 

Whatever form that Workplace takes, clarifying the requirements of SH&W rules to new & existing employees is a requirement to ensure compliance with the Safety, Health & Welfare Act 2005. 

Some elements to consider are, Emergency procedures, Training, Risks, Welfare, First Aid, Reporting. However, all inductions will be tailored specifically to our client needs. 

Job Specific Training

Our typical inductions will not only include health and safety but also job specific orientations including policies and procedures, site orientations and much, much more …

Management and Reporting

While all accidents should be reported, it has also been proven that good quality near miss reporting has a benefit to the organisation.

To be effective reporting systems must be simple and user friendly & this is where we can help. Vision will develop company specific reporting forms that can be completed online.

Health and Safety Consultancy

Let us help you unravel the complicated Occupational Safety, Health & Welfare at work regulations. This subject is often viewed as an inconvenience, we will work with you to motivate and bring you staff on board by working with them to increase their level of understanding. 

Vision will review or prepare your safety documentation & risk analysis to ensure the most appropriate and cost effective mitigation is chosen. 

Good Safety Health & Welfare practices make good financial sense when you consider the cost of a workplace accident.
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